The Illinois MakerLab is the world’s first Business School 3D Printing Lab!

Their Mission:

Our objective is to provide University of Illinois faculty and students and the Chambana community with the knowledge and resources to be at the forefront of the emerging maker movement. We do this by teaching users how to design, manufacture, and market physical objects. 3D printing (and the emerging Maker Movement) provides a means of democratizing innovation by empowering individuals with the know-how and tools to manufacture the objects they consume. Thus, this technology has important implications for many facets of business, including manufacturing, distribution, retailing, and consumer behavior.

The lab is equipped with 20 Ultimaker desktop 3D printers, 3D design software, and 3D scanning devices. In addition to providing access to these tools, They also conduct training on a variety of aspects of 3D printing, including 3D design, scanning, and manufacturing. They promote digital making in other forms as well, by bringing together open hardware (arduinos) and 3D printing, to create products that have computing embedded in them.

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