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Meet the 2014 Makers!

Meet the Makers: Makerspace Urbana

  Makerspace Urbana, a working group of the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, is dedicated to enabling the blend of arts, humanities, science and technology. Our mission is...

Meet the Makers: Strategic Artistry

The Urbana-Champaign People’s History Project, coordinated by elizaBeth Simpson, is a collective effort to identify current and historical citizens, groups, places, and events which have made a significant contribution to the social well-being of the Urbana-Champaign...

Meet the Makers: Skylark Landing

Skylark Landing is the website of Amanda Davis, a student and independent maker. Amanda is currently a student at the University of Illinois, studying in the field of Industrial Design. When she’s not buried in homework, she enjoys making jewelry, art, and steampunk...

Meet the Makers: River City Labs

  River City Labs Makerspace is an exciting new addition to the fest this this year. Not only are we thrilled to have them traveling all the way from Peoria for the fest but they've also decided to bring their giant Quadcopter Obstacle Course with them. From what...

Meet the Makers: Slot and Wing Hobbies!

We're happy to announce Slot and Wing Hobbies will be joining the Fest this year!  They've been a local hobby supply source for all types of makers since 1965.  This year you will be able to get hands on with them build plastic models and wooden airplanes at their...

Meet the Makers: Monet and the Waterlily Friends

Monet and the Waterlily Friends is a book designed to share the art class experience with preschoolers. The book was funded through Judy Lee's successful Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2014. Sections of the book include a wordless story about Monet, an art...

Meet the Makers: Weiskamp Screen Printing

We're happy to share the Maker Fest floor with the wonderful folks from Weiskamp Screen Printing.  They will be setting up a table to help you make your own screen-printed poster! If that wasn't awesome enough, they also sponsored the snazzy t-shirts all of our...

Meet the Makers: Illinois State Museum

The Illinois State Museum Casting Lab has made life-sized replicas of  an Ice Age Mastodon(which may be traveling to our Fest), a Giant Ground Sloth skeleton, and has replicated bones of all kinds of other prehistoric animals. Museums often replicate specimens so that...

Meet the Makers: Living Letter Press

The Living Letter Press is back again!  We've loved having them at our past events and seeing the creative cards and things they let people press.  This year you can get more hands-on experience with a...

Meet the Makers: Info City CU

Info City CU is a local organization focused on the wonderful goal of providing equitable and citywide access to technology, digital literacy, and relevant online content and applications. At this year's Heartland Maker Fest they will be highlighting their new CU...

Meet the Makers: Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center

  The IMC has been a central hub in the Champaign Urbana community helping foster projects that blend media, art, and technology for community empowerment and social change. We're thrilled they will be joining the Heartland Maker Fest again this year. Makerspace...

Meet the Makers: Origami by Xudong

You may remember Xudong's amazing table from last years event,. Where he not only presented completed pieces of art but also gave us a live demonstration of the art of Origami by creating this...

Meet the Makers: Vision 3d Printers

After a successful Kickstarter launch and a tour that included the 2013 World Maker Faire in New York.  The Vision 3D Printer, and it's creator Matt Underwood, will be back in Champaign for this years Heartland Maker Fest.  We were very impressed with the Vision 3D...

Meet the Makers: CUDO Plays

CUDO Plays is an amazingly unique board game design competition that only happens right here in Urbana-Champaign. For CUDO Plays it's not about judging new board games, it's about...

Meet the Makers: Trashion Fashion

We're happy to announce an exciting new maker joining the fest this year. Making trash into fashion, Ja Nelle Pleasure will be showing off her Trashion Project. She creates clothing inspired from life...

Meet the Makers: Frankenbikes

The main goal of Urbana Maker John Rubins of Frankenbikes is to use old bikes to make new ones, but John doesn't just make new bikes, he makes bikes the likes of which you may have never seen before! He has breathed life into long-John cargo bikes, tall bikes, woodgas...

Meet the Makers: Midwest Technology and Manufacturing Centre

  Midwest Technology and Manufacturing Centre is a Makerspace based out of Peoria Illinois, focused on creating, learning, and teaching. Our passions range from programming to electronics to ceramics to 3d printing, and we love sharing what we know with other...

Meet the Makers: Illinois MakerLab

The Illinois MakerLab is the world’s first Business School 3D Printing Lab.  We are very proud to have them back again at the Heartland Maker Fest. At this year's fair they will demonstrate some of the very cool projects created by their students using their 3D...

Meet the Makers: Society for Creative Anachronism

Take a glimpse at Maker Fest 1099 with the Society for Creative Anachronism's Arts and Sciences group! Their local artisans and creators' projects range from delicate calligraphy to heavy metal blacksmithing, with particular areas of interest in fiber arts, jewelry,...

Meet the Makers: Fab Lab

The Champaign Urbana Community Fab Lab has truly become a staple of the DIY/Maker community in Champaign Urbana. They were always a favorite at the UC Mini Maker Faire and will be returning to the Heartland...

Guest Speakers

Here's our list of wonderful speakers who were a able to join us in 2014

Makerspace Urbana and the Heartland Maker Fest

Emily Knox
Assistant Professor, GSLIS

Info City

Christopher Hamb
Founder, Director of New Media, Chrisp Media, LLC

Call for Participation: Collaborative Community Art

elizaBeth Simpson
Strategic Artistry 

Servers to your Devices, Broad Overview of the Internet

Yonathan Tulu
Software and Hardware Engineer and Organizer

Why Making Matters: Stories from the Fab Lab

Jeff Ginger
Operations Manager for CU Community Fab Lab

Latin American Hack Labs

Anita Chan
Assistant Professor, Media & Cinema Studies

Animation, Quilting & Embroidery

Nina Paley
Animator, Artist, Free Culture Proponent

Workers and Weirdos: Youth Arts Programs in the US

Tyler Denmead
Assistant Professor, School of Art and Design