Kunstwurfelspiel Academy is an initiative lead by R. Scott Wennerdahl to foster creativity, visual arts, mathematics, and computer coding via face-to-face and online experiences. We’ve been fortunate to have Kunstwurfelspiel Academy join our past maker faires and it’s been exciting to see the curriculum grow and incorporate some of the newest and most advanced software learning tools available today. All of which are free and downloadable for everyone!



Kunstwurfelspiel Academy at UC Mini Maker Faire 2013

So come get hands-on at this year’s Heartland Maker Fest by making interactive stories, games, music, art, and more with code. You’ll be using a variety of free downloadable software programs including Logo, Scratch, ContextFree, Processing, Inform7, and HTML5.  This will also be a great chance to meet the creator of Kunstwurfelspiel Academy and get a quick lesson in the wonders of creative coding from him personally or one of his expert staff!

Kunstwurfelspiel Academy Fun Facts:

  • All software is freely downloadable.
  • All software includes: MIT’s Scratch, ACS Logo, ContentFree, Processing, HTML5, and Inform7.
  • Creative Coding examples (and hands-on opportunities at booth) include picture-making, music-making, animation, interactive storytelling, games, simulation, and more.
  • All programs can generally be used at a base level by all age groups. Advanced topics and use limited only by student interest, energy, motivation, and emerging skill.


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