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October 14th 2017


Our community is full of amazing makers creating wonderful things. The Heartland Maker Fest focuses on bringing attention to these great projects that can inspire everyone.


Our community has the tools and resources around us to help make your creative dreams a reality.


We think one of the best ways to strengthen our creative maker community is to build connections between the diverse members.

Heartland Maker Fest 2017
October 14, 2017 | 9AM-2PM
Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana

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Maker and Fest Updates:

Meet the Makers: Snayl

Part of our performer line up, Heartland Maker Fest is excited to welcome Snayl to our stage! Snayl is Austin Duncan, an electronic artist whose music might be best characterized as post-electronica. The terms electronic and techno, while applicable, don’t quite do...

Meet the Makers: Anna Williams

Anna Williams is a recent graduate of Parkland College and this is her first year participating in the Heartland Maker Fest. She is passionate about many art forms including music and writing. Her visual art reflects this, as many of her pieces are inspired by songs...

Meet the Makers: Central Illinois Aerospace

We are happy to announce that the Central Illinois Aerospace rocketry club will again be joining the Heartland Maker Fest this year. Last year they showed us how to make awesome paper rockets, and this year they plan on having another dedicated rocket building area!...

Meet the Makers: Isaac Kidder Fine Art

A brand new maker, but certainly not a rookie, Isaac Kidder is an artist who specializes in both 2D and 3D work, focusing on metal and wood sculpture, painting and photography. In his work, Isaac uses the theme of connectivity and oneness in order to convey the ideas...

Meet the Makers: Shoshie’s Magnificent Miniature Painting

We’ve very excited to welcome a new type of maker this year! Shoshanna Bauer (Shoshie to her gaming friends) paints custom painted miniatures for gaming and collecting. She is a traditionally-trained Fine Art Watercolorist who recently switch to painting...

Meet the Makers: Central Illinois Puppetry Guild

The Central Illinois Puppetry Guild is made up of individual artists who create and perform with puppets of all kinds: traditional hand puppets, shadow puppets, marionettes, and many others. While each guild member performs professionally and independently, they also...