Were happy to have Skot Wiedmann returning to the Maker Fest this year. He is an engineer and artist whose creations explore the intersections of art and science. Using his knowledge of electrical engineering, he builds interactive artistic objects. At the Maker Fest, Skot will demonstrate one of his most popular projects, the Hyve Touch Synthesizer! Attendees will also have an opportunity to try the synthesizer for themselves.

What is a Hyve Touch Synthesizer?

A synthesizer that responds to your touch! Slide your fingers up and down the keys and make the sound morph and shift as it senses your smallest movements in 3 dimensions. This polyphonic analog synthesizer can play 60 notes in stereo, all controlled by your touch.

You can learn more about the Hyve Touch Synthesizer at hyvesynth.com.

And now some fun videos of the Hyve: