The Urbana-Champaign People’s History Project, coordinated by elizaBeth Simpson, is a collective effort to identify current and historical citizens, groups, places, and events which have made a significant contribution to the social well-being of the Urbana-Champaign community.


What does U-C look like? Sound like? At this year’s Maker Fest, submit photos or audio from U-C that signify the people, places, and things in our local community: street art, landscapes, architecture, community members, conversation topics, etc. A prize will be given at the end of the day for “Most Interesting Photo Idea”.

Photos can be professional or amateur, and can be from any time period, but must be original (do not send in others’ work). More details will be in the handout distributed at Strategic Artistry’s booth.

Send submissions, along with your name and brief info about the picture to