The IMC has been a central hub in the Champaign Urbana community helping foster projects that blend media, art, and technology for community empowerment and social change. We’re thrilled they will be joining the Heartland Maker Fest again this year. Makerspace Urbana is one of the many wonderful IMC projects and thus the Heartland Maker Fest is itself made possible in part by the work of the IMC.



The IMC is a grassroots organization committed to using media production and distribution as tools for promoting social and economic justice in the Champaign County area. We foster the creation and distribution of media, art, and narratives emphasizing underrepresented voices and perspectives and promote empowerment and expression through media and arts education.

Meet the IMC in pictures:

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Photo sources: zerokraRaymond CunninghamJoe FutrelleMitch Altman