After a successful Kickstarter launch and a tour that included the 2013 World Maker Faire in New York.  The Vision 3D Printer, and it’s creator Matt Underwood, will be back in Champaign for this years Heartland Maker Fest.  We were very impressed with the Vision 3D Printer when it came to our 2012 faire, and Matt was a wonderful person to learn about 3D printing from.  He designed the Vision 3D Printer to be an optimized RepRap Prusa Mendel that’s especially quick to build and requires no tools beyond what comes in the box.

Vision 3d Printers at the 2012 UC Mini Maker Faire

Vision 3d Printers at the 2012 UC Mini Maker Faire

And we’re very excited that this year Matt will be helping you Make your own Minions! As he said:

We will be making Minion Goggles (Think “Despicable Me”) for Halloween showing how 3D Printing can be used for Halloween Costumes. Let’s face it, we all need more minions in our quest for world domination, and these goggles transform otherwise ordinary children in to minions. (They might even help in getting them to clean up their room once in a while.) We will also have a Vision Ghost Printer printing Ghosts! And we can prove that they will exist!


And he makes them in so many great color options.

More about Vision 3D Printers here: vision3dprinter.blogspot.com