This year we’re happy to be welcoming back the School for Designing a Society  and their table focused on Designing Alternative Necessities.  But we can let them introduce themselves:

HI! We’re the School for Designing a Society, and we love cooking up structures and strictures and stricts and not-so-stricts , about how to create a desirable society. We’d love to play with participants of the Fest in designing new ways to meet our needs—new necessities. Given that we have little choice as to needs, we sure have a lot of choice when it comes to meeting them. If humans need to be touched, then let’s design clothes that glue people temporarily together, for example, or design group sleep-overs. And more such rebellious inventive-ness.

defaultMore about the School for Designing a Society:

The School for Designing a Society, established in 1991, is a project of teachers, performers, artists, and activists. It is an ongoing experiment in making temporary living environments where the question “What would I consider a desirable society?” is given serious playful thoughtful discussion, and taken as an input to creative projects.

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