A brand new maker, but certainly not a rookie, Isaac Kidder is an artist who specializes in both 2D and 3D work, focusing on metal and wood sculpture, painting and photography.


In his work, Isaac uses the theme of connectivity and oneness in order to convey the ideas of Divine and Universal Love­­, unconditional love, compassion, healing, forgiveness and peace. His intention is to have viewers experience a positive internal shift that inspires and connects them to the people in their communities, environment and world. To fully engage the viewer, some of Isaac’s work is hands­ on/interactive and/or functional.


In his art he aims to test humanity’s idea of perfection, and question and reevaluate any perceived imperfections. His work is shown in Minnesota, Washington, and Illinois.


At the Maker Fest this year, Isaac Kidder will be creating acrylic paintings and sculpture live. There will also be a community art project where anyone can participate!

Find out more info about Isaac at: