Part of our performer line up, Heartland Maker Fest is excited to welcome Snayl to our stage!

Snayl is Austin Duncan, an electronic artist whose music might be best characterized as post-electronica. The terms electronic and techno, while applicable, don’t quite do justice to the depth and composition that Snayl brings to his music. Utilizing elements of techno, hip hop, and other beat based styles, Duncan goes further into creating soundscapes that help listeners envision the concept behind his music.

Tom Chandler (Smile Politely) describes Snayl:

In Dreaming of Ghosts, this becomes reflected in the diverse range of sounds he brings together to manifest a trip into another state of being. He combines melodious keyboard and guitar to overlay rhythmic tracks which employ stereo imaging, unique sampling, and anomalous instrumentation uncommon to similar styles that yet somehow amalgamate into a bizarrely congruent whole.

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