We’re please to have White Aster Creative Coding with us at this year’s Heartland Maker Fest!

From the maker:

“White Aster Creative Coding provides online resources as well as face-to-face Meet-ups related to making art images and animation using computer code. Our goal is to assist students in gaining a strong understanding of some examples of artworks and the artists/cultures who produced them, to improve their knowledge of art concepts/principles and apply them in their own unique artworks, to apply mathematical concepts/processes in the creation of artistic works, and to gain abilities in the writing of computer code and applying programming principles.

Through interacting with the materials, completing activities/projects, and sharing their artwork with others, students will have gained an increased understanding of:

(1) Art History: Looking at Art

– familiarity with some artists and cultures who created artistic images throughout time and across geographies

(2) Studio Production: Making Art

– understanding of design concepts increased ability to apply design concepts

(3) Art Criticism: Talking about Art

– an increased ability to observe, analyze, and discuss artworks

(4) Aesthetics: Seeking to Understand Art

– understanding the impact design elements have on us

(5) Mathematics: Applying Math Concepts and Skills in Unique and Creative Ways

– heightened understanding and appreciation of mathematical concepts and processes

(6) Computer Science: Creating Computer Programs to Works of Art

– increased ability to write programming code and apply programming techniques through various coding languages to produce artistic images”

Learn more at White Aster Creative Coding’s website.