Heartland Maker Fest 2017
October 14, 2017 | 9AM-2PM
Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana

HMF is almost here! Makerspace Urbana is thrilled to announce our annual Heartland Maker Fest! On Saturday, October 14, 2017  at Lincoln Square Mall in Downtown Urbana, makers, tinkerers, creators, inventors, DIYers, and musicians will gather together to share their work with the public. We are bringing an exciting collection of makers and performers to you this year, including some familiar faces and some new additions!

In the spirit of Makerspace Urbana, we are proud to showcase talent from local creative communities who are eager to share and play with other each other and the community at large. We show how art and science can meld together, and provide a hands-on approach for those who are inspired to create and learn.

The Fest has three goals:

  1. To Inspire by searching for creative and unique ways to exhibit at the festival.  We hope the creative process of others inspires our attendees.
  2. To Empower by focusing on hands-on experience, we hope people feel empowered to make their own project a reality.
  3. To Connect  by creating a free and open public festival we hope to connect attendees to the local resources they need to help make their ideas come to life.

This event is free to the public, but donations are welcome.

Get Involved! 
Be a Maker (deadline Sept 29): http://heartlandmakerfest.org/callformakers/
Sponsor the Fest: http://heartlandmakerfest.org/call-for-sponsors-2017/
Volunteer: email contact@heartlandmakerfest.rog for volunteer opportunities

Connect with us: 
Email: contact@heartlandmakerfest.org
Twitter: @HeartlandMF
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/heartlandmakerfest
Phone: (816) 287-1717

Meet the 2017 Makers: http://heartlandmakerfest.org/makers/