We’re happy to announce Ja Nelle Pleasure will be returning to the fest this year to share her talents for turning recycled materials into new garments. Last year, she created a wonderful hands-on experience helping people create their own fashion accessories.  And she put together an impromptu mini fashion show for our stage!

This year we’ve been told she’s preparing another fashion show and we can’t wait to see the cool things she brings to her table. And now a little about her:


Ja Nelle Pleasure

Ja Nelle Pleasure


As she says on her blog:

My motto is “If you can envision it, I can make it.”

Who am I? I am a wife and a mother of three children. I have been designing and sewing clothes for more than 20 years.

I enjoy coming up with unique and eclectic clothing and jewelry, things that are not normally found in stores or on-line.  I find that nature, and life in general offers so many options for creativity to be expressed. You can expect to find my style and color palette to flow and ebb with the environment. There is no limit to the creative things that can come from my brain.

You can learn more by checking out her blog here: royelbijou.wordpress.com